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Monday, February 5, 2018
Valued Veterans Group Meeting Sunday June 24 1 PM
What is a valued Veteran?

A member of our Lodge that has served our Country in the armed forces. All gave some...some gave all. You served our Country and now you continue to serve our Lodge.

This is a Social Activity Group with a purpose.

There are no rules on how you run the group. You get to decide. The Lodge benefits by having you here.

Ideas (but not limited to)
*Monthly Card Games
*Veterans Support & Services

Even if it is a BS Session you are supporting the Lodge.

You tailor the content and events. If you are a veteran please consider coming down.

Butch Rassel, Chair
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  • 02/14/2018 Jody Huber hosting Bunco on the 4th Sundays Next Day is June 24
  • 02/13/2018 New Lodge App for Members is now available!!
  • 02/12/2018 SSP Lions Bingo Monday's 6:30 pm (open to the Public 6-9 pm)
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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A Lodge.

What makes up a Lodge and how does it survive?

It is solely upon the members. Without members support the Lodge will not survive.

Some have asked why are we running out of product once in a while? The answer is simple. We do not operate on credit. We operate on cash basis. That means if members do not come down and support the Lodge in different fashions, we can not at times make purchases. That means temporary shortages on products. No sales...No reorders until business picks up. The Lodge doesn't have a magic cash wand.

This message also affects our ability to pay bills. Even though we do not operate on credit, we still have to pay the mortgage, taxes, employees, utilities, and repairs to list a few items. Most of these issues most members do not even consider a cost against the Lodge.

So the bottom line is WE need your support as a member at the Lodge. We appreciate your membership and fulfilling our mission to charity, children, and Seniors.

Thomas Polzin, Administrator
Governor's Message
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Recorder's Message
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