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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

General Law Section 48.2: No Smoking/Tobacco Use Restriction

This also pertains to smokeless tobacco or chew.

On January 1st, 2020, the General Law provision of Section 48.2 went into effect that prohibits smoking/use of tobacco products in our lodge homes. The provision reads: “The use of any tobacco product or smoking device (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited at any time in the social quarters or lodge home. The use of any tobacco product or smoking device (including e-cigarettes) is allowed on lodge property in lawful outdoor areas or areas for which the General Governor’s Office has provided a dispensation.” The membership of the Order overwhelmingly approved this provision at the 2019 International Convention, and expect that they can now enter any Lodge to enjoy a smoke free experience, and that their smoking brothers and qualified guests have been appropriately accommodated.

Any violations of Section 48.2 will be handled by members of the Moose International Field Staff. Complaints can be forwarded to the Moose International General Governor’s Office for follow-up.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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From John Sipes, Supreme Council Member

Why does your Moose Lodge exist? The Social Quarters is a privilege of the lodge and chapter members. Reasonable priced food and beverage are great...but here is the real reason your lodge and chapter are here.

The purposes of the fraternal and charitable lodges, chapters, and other units are to: + Unite in the bonds of fraternity, benevolence, and charity, all acceptable persons of good character. + Educate and improve their members and the families of their members, socially, morally, and intellectually. + Assist their members and their families in time of need. + Aid and assist the aged members of lodges, chapters and their spouses. + Encourage and educate their members in patriotism and obedience to the laws of the country in which the lodge, chapter or other units exist. + Encourage tolerance of every kind. + Render particular service to children in need by the operation of one or more vocational, educational institutions of the type and character of the institution now
called "Mooseheart", and located at Mooseheart, in the State of Illinois. + Serve aged members and/or their spouses at one or more institutions of the character and type of the place called "Moosehaven", located at Orange Park, in the State of Florida. + Create and maintain foundations, endowment funds, trust funds and subsidiary or related corporations, whether nonprofit or for profit, for the purpose of carrying on, aiding and assisting the charitable and philanthropic enterprises heretofore mentioned. Moose International may, as appropriate, act as a member, shareholder, or trustee in the administration of such foundations, endowment funds, trust funds, and corporations.
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